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D-TA Systems Inc.

A Sensor Interface Company

D-TA Systems Overview

D-TA Systems Inc. serves the radio, radar, communications, sonar and test and measurement applications for the defense, aerospace and wireless markets. D-TA’s mandate is to drastically reduce the deployment time and cost. D-TA has addressed that mandate by offering reconfigurable box-level COTS solutions that provide end-to-end coverage, including RF, IF, Acoustic Signal Conditioning, FPGA processing, high-speed networks, real-time recording and playback, and multi-core software processing. D-TA has also pioneered 10 Gigabit Sensor processing that offers virtually limitless scalability and “future-proof” solutions for the EW/ISR applications.

  • Radio/Radar Applications
  • Sonar/Acoustic Applications
  • Record/Playback Applications
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