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Meggitt Target Systems

Smart Engineering for Extreme Environments

Project Description

Meggitt Target Systems (MTAS) is a world-leading provider of unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets for live-fire training and weapon system test and evaluation. We are part of Meggitt PLC, an international aerospace, defence and energy engineering group.

We design and develop threat-representative targets and special mission platforms at our manufacturing facilities in Ashford, UK and Alberta, Canada, and we support these platforms with a field service capability honed for decades on military ranges worldwide.

Operating independently for nearly 40 years, Meggitt Defence Systems in Ashford and Meggitt Training Systems in Alberta combined in 2015 to form Meggitt Target Systems. Together, we have manufactured over 10,000 targets, in service in more than 40 countries, including 15 NATO customers.

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