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Course 1: Electronic Defense Update
Instructor: Dave Adamy
When: Jan 17 to Jan 18, 2017
Deadline to Register: Dec 12, 2016
This course includes a review of ED fundamentals for technical professionals new to the ED field and covrage of advanced threats and techniques for those who have been working in the field. It provides system level coverage of the features and challenges of modern radar and communications threats and the ED techniques employed against them. There are no prerequisites for this coursee except a general technical background. All required math beyond algebra is covered in class. In addition to lecture and discussion, each course segment will include in-class problems to solve real-world ES and EA problems. Includes EW-101 a $110 value.

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Course 2: Fundamental Principles of Electronic Defense 
Instructor: Dave Adamy
When: Feb 20 to Feb 23, 2017
Deadline to Register: Jan 20, 2016

This four day course provides insight into the whole electronic defense field at the systems and operational level. It uses little math beyond algebra, yet the sources of important propagation and jamming equations are made amply clear. All information needed to understand the material is explained and included in the text. Both the course and the text avoid deep mathematical coverage, explaining all concepts in practical, physical terms.
This course is ideal for experienced engineers with expertise in one aspect of EW who want to round out their ED education, engineers and advanced technicians new to the field and those who need to understand how their products and subsystems fit into the big picture. Includes EW-101 a $110 value.

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